The CSC 2017 Update

Do you struggle daily to stretch your money for the month? Do you live in a small apartment with three generations with no private transportation? Do you rent from a landlord who will not fix your leaky roof or your furnace in spite of the cold weather? Most of us do not experience these situations and find it difficult to place ourselves in these extreme positions. Yet when you hear about these circumstances, you feel compassion, and you give to help our people. Your one-time donations or your regular and annual gifts keep us going. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

All of our families’ situations are not disheartening though. Looking back over the year there are heartwarming moments. I’ve had clients with drug related issues that have come through on the other side- clean and living for Jesus. One lady, after experiencing freedom of alcohol and cigarettes, came in disappointed with herself because she had failed. We held hands while we prayed and she expressed, “I know Jesus can do this. I know He can.” Pray for her as she follows Jesus, but faces huge temptations.

Another encouraging factor is the growth of our food pantry. God’s Pantry has helped us to expand our program, and we receive bread and fresh produce two days a week. Most months we serve 85 families (approximately 200 family members) on food box day. Currently, we’re using a 1991 pick-up truck with no heat/air and a standard transmission (which limits who drives it.)

CSC hauled over 2 1/2 tons of food using “borrowed’ vehicles last month. Our goal of raising $10,000 encompasses a van, one year’s insurance and fuel money for the food pick-ups. Our wish list is a utility van!! If you’re interested in helping us raise fund in order to purchase the utility van, you can donate through our website!

The most known factor to our community is the Thrift Shop. The Thrift Shop accrues a lot of our income for the assistance program. We assisted $53,000 to 155 families this year for their rent or utilities through the Thrift Shop income. Daily, boxes of unique items and clothing come through the donation window. Our latest $0.25 sale had a revenue of approximately $750!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas for the CSC is: showing the community that we care and we want to help – in the name of Jesus. Your opportunity to help may be a donation for the upcoming vehicle, sorting clothes in the receiving room, praying for your neighbors, or giving a “cup of cold water.” All of these allow you to show love and care with us. Together, you and the CSC, can help transform lives and make a difference in our Wilmore world.

Serving with you at Thanksgiving and Christmas,

Executive Director

Rachel J Powdrill